The Love Letter

My Dearest Child,


Yes, what is written in My Word regarding you is true;
wonderful, are My thoughts towards you.

I love you and everything about you.

All day long, I think of you.

I Am familiar with all your ways and I know the exact number of all your days.

You asks the question…
Who are you, that I am mindful of you?

You often wonder…
Who are you, that I would hand pick you?

You want to know…
Who are you, that I died for you?

But, what you don’t understand is you mean everything to me and before you were born, I already knew you.

I Am mindful of you because you are Mine and I have a perfect plan for your life.

I created you for a purpose and I hand picked you because only you can fulfill that purpose.

I chose you before the foundation of the world and I literally, gave you that world.

Satan stole everything from you, and I died so you could have it back.

I know that in this world there are many storms; there are many attacks; and, you are facing many troubles; but in Me, you will have peace and in Me, you will find strength

For, I know that the enemy seeks to destroy you, but be brave and don’t be afraid of him.

I Am the Lord, your God and I go before you.

I will help you and I will not abandon you.

I Am the Light that brings you out of darkness and when you cry out for Me, I will save you.

My love for you is unfailing.

My love for you is never changing.

Look to Me, listen for My voice, and cling to Me.

Seek My Face; believe in Me and I will set you free.


Your King

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