When He Called Me Higher

A Spiritual Warfare Story (My Testimony)
A year ago, The Holy Spirit began to convict me regarding the supernatural tv shows and horror movies I would watch that are sometimes satanic, but definitely dark in nature. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, despite the fact I see in the spirit and know portals open in television shows we watch because we have invited them into our subconscious through interests in particular topics.

Satan is the prince of the air the bible tells us plainly. Look at the word “interest” and “entertainment” that sounds a lot like “enter us” and “enter (con)tainment,” but I’m venturing off the main topic, sorry. Anyway—back on track.

Even when I tried reading horror books, conviction would set in, but I’ve loved watching scary movies and supernatural shows; even, reading horror fiction since I was a little kid. It never once scared me, so I was having the hardest time accepting the fact He wanted me to quit. I prayed, asking God why because I had already convinced myself that it’s not sinning and watching such shows wouldn’t condemn me to hell. I truly didn’t want to stop and I told Him that if He really didn’t want me watching them anymore, than He would have to help me understand why.

In waiting for an answer, I continued watching them and buying more books. I noticed my prayer life began diminishing over the next several weeks. No matter how long I stayed in my prayer closet, I couldn’t get through this barrier between us. I couldn’t pray. I couldn’t find the right words to say. I couldn’t remember how. It’s like someone superglued my mouth shut. I couldn’t get my thoughts together and I felt empty with no passion, no emotion, and no interest in things that normally mattered to me. I started losing interest in reading my bible, didn’t want to listen to Christian music. I was tired of all of it.

I started feeling completely drained as well when it came time to leave for church. Sometimes even felt sick to my stomach. I began to believe God was drawing back from me. I love Him and wanted our relationship back, but He had left me. I knew it was a lie, but I was convinced it was true—that He had indeed, left me. I prayed and asked God why this was happening. I kept coming across scriptures that would quicken me and I’d ignore it, but one night, about a month later, He made it clear as my spirit was quickened and my heart began to break.

He said, “vampires and werewolves mock My promise to you that if you don’t drink My blood and eat My flesh, you will not have life in you. These very demons use this as a mockery to offend Me. I don’t have to explain to you about the walking dead as you surely spiritually see and discern. Aliens aren’t real, they’re all trickery unclean spirits playing on the fears of men. Witches do the work of satan and the such like them. They are an abomination and such won’t share in your inheritance. The images that cloud the mind from these shows enter the subconscious; yes, the very soul whether you’re aware of it, or not. Why fill it with darkness? Why entertain such wickedness? Is it right for you to participate in it? Did I not call you into, ‘The Light?’ Come now, then and walk in The Light. Surely, I tell you, It is not just entertainment, it’s an invitation.”


The psalmist wrote, “No wicked thing should be set before your eyes, and no wicked thought should enter your heart, but hate evil and cling to good.” There’s no such thing as a good witch, warlock, vampire, or werewolf and what the world calls white magic, isn’t good magic. Witches can’t and don’t vanquish demons and send them back to hell. Werewolves can’t and don’t protect the innocent from vampires. How can satan cast out satan? If a kingdom is against one another than how can that kingdom stand? Evil is evil. The bible says, “Woe to them who call evil, good and good, evil.”

“It is not okay to entertain and watch such evil,” He said to me.

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then, the light that is within is darkness, how great is that darkness.” –Matthew 6:22-23

But truly, I just assumed that as long as I’m not practicing in it, then I’m not participating in sin. God has shown me that I’m ignorantly saying it’s okay. I now see clearly that this was a hindrance and that is why I couldn’t proceed forward to go any further. If I truly want a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ, than I will have to do away with malicious, mindless, matters.

Demons are not amusing, they’re evil. To watch this in my house, was inviting them in my house and everyone in my house would have to struggle to fight off the evil I foolishly invited in. It is indeed, foolish to ignore this and just say that it isn’t really real, but let’s be realistic, the enemy uses this type of stuff to enter our homes; disguising it as entertainment, but this is spiritual warfare now, and has always been.

If a show contains sinful behavior and, or doesn’t glorify God, makes fun of, or disrespects my Savior. It will get no air time in my house. This goes for explicit music as well. There’s nothing amusing or entertaining about all the cursing, disrespectfulness, pridefulness and the glorification of money, sex, and drugs on any level. It had sunken in and I get it now. As sons and daughters of the living God, in every way, we are called to live above reproach.

12 thoughts on “When He Called Me Higher

  1. So, I am back. 🙂
    When I was pregnant with my 4th child, I used to be in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. They were my two favorite shows. Because of those shows, I was getting attacked at night in my sleep. It wasn’t until someone told me to guard what I watched, read and heard and then start praying Psalm 91 over myself that I recognized it. My husband doesn’t quite understand why I’m so sensitive (he’s walking with Lord yet our maturity is different). He was watching a show on that encouraged possession but disguised it as scientific. I couldn’t watch it. I made him turn it off and asked him to stop watching that stuff. The Lord is beginning to convict him as well. It is difficult to watch anything that is not satanic in nature, so I’ve resorted to YouTube. I don’t want to be a ‘weird’ Christian, but I’m finding that guarding my heart (mind, ears and lips) above all things is of utmost importance. Truly the issues of life come from our heart when we are not diligent in being careful in regard to what we ingest.

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    1. Someone had told me awhile back that whatever you are going through when you’re pregnant explains why the child you’re carrying is the way that they are. For instance when I was pregnant with my sons I was happy, loved and stable. It shows in them today. With my daughter on the other hand, I was an emotional wreck, unhappy, unstable, and unloved and it reflected in her. When I got saved I realized what was wrong and through prayer and fasting she was released from all the emotional damage I had done unknowingly. Another thing, I watched so many scary movies and when I stopped and explained to her why, she rebelled, but prayer and fasting fixed that too. What I’m saying is this, prayer changes things, but prayer and fasting eliminates things. They don’t come back. If it bothers you, it bothers God. Your husband was convicted because it hindered you. You found it disturbing so God dealt with it, but if both of you agreed that it was fine, it would’ve continued and demons would’ve caused problems for you both. Those two shows are the worst because it seems innocent in nature the costume in demeanor of the actors were tailored for teens. Btw…Lol, you’re gonna be a weird Christian anyway because you’re set apart. The closer your walk with God, the more set apart you’ll become. Being weird is one of the perks. 😜😂 Sorry so long, I got carried away. It’s a writers character flaw.


  2. You are absolutely right! And I wholely agree. Almost what the told showed me few years back, what we call entertainment isn’t what it is but a subtle invitation to demons especially cartoons.
    May God help us discern correctly and be on guard at all time

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    1. That’s my prayer for the youth. If only they knew what they open their minds up to when watching shows and listening to music. I watched a documentary on this that a lot of lyrics are demonic in nature and spells the bound us to evil spirits.

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      1. Sure most music are. For about 2 and half years now, He has finally delivered me from listening to such secular music even though I kicked and throws tantrums through the process.
        The subtlety of Satan and his demon is so slippery that it takes accurate discernment to spot easily

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  3. I am SOOOOOOOOO coming back to this post. I have to work, but I am coming back. I’ve been convicted about this as well, up to yesterday. I have been fascinated with Greek mythology even as a kid, so when I peeped out the show Atlantis that airs in the BBC, I watched one episode. Not bad, but the second episode showed actual incantations, satanic prayers, and such. Immediately the Holy Spirit told me to turn it off, and…I didn’t. My hubby and I kept watching. I’ll end here (til I come back)…there is witchcraft and divining weaved into so much of entertainment it’s sickening. And people have no clue…and they crave it.

    Be back soon!

    Also, thanks for liking my post and following the blog. It’s truly a privilege!

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