No Filter ~The Perfect Picture~

I was taking pictures of myself and I begin to edit because I didn’t like the way I looked in most of them. I thought about how much I actually did this and how shallow I must seem to have this perception that if a picture is going to be posted for the world to see, than it has to be perfect and I’m thinking to myself, “Why is that?”

Do I really care if people know that I have a pimple today, so why must I remove it in photoshop or add a filter so it isn’t really noticed? There’s a blood shot in my left eye and bags under both of them for lack of sleep, but the world doesn’t need to know that. I’ve had insomnia since I was a teenager, who cares…so let’s remove it. This world demands perfection, but the world itself is imperfect—flawed and fractured.

Anytime something is altered with changes, it’s no longer perfect. If you omit the truth in any kind of way, than it becomes a lie—not half of the truth like we like to believe. The truth is, it’s either “is” or “isn’t.” Besides, adding a rose colored filter may make it appear to be only a rose, but why do we feel the need to remove the thorns?

And, this is when I began to hear God clearly speak.

It’s true, men only see the outer appearance and the eyes can be easily fooled, but who can fool God Who sees the heart?

If only there was a filter to create a perfect image to deceive God.

We can be filled with hidden motives without a filter for the soul.

For our mouth, there’s no filter; and, we’re quick to speak words—unfiltered.

We’re often arrogant with a rebellious nature, unedited—without a filter.

How can this be?

With a broken heart, I realized how wrong it is. God is faithful to forgive and He heals. He is amazing like that and I personally know the depths He is willing to go to draw us closer to Him and away from the facade if we would only allow Him. The limits He will go to remove a stony heart as well, is endless. I am deeply and undoubtedly in love with a perfect God.

There’s no filter from God and there’s no filter for Him…See Him unfiltered because He sees you unfiltered, and loves you as you are. The real you—the unedited version.

What are we willing to filter to be perfectly close to Him—perfect in Him?

He said to me, “daughter, if you really desire to see Me, filter the nonsense you watch and be perfect. If you really want to hear My voice, filter the garbage you listen to and be perfect. Filter evil thoughts out of your mind so that they won’t enter your heart and you’ll be perfect—in Me”

You don’t need a filter, when it’s Jesus Christ Who washes all of your filth away. There’s no need to try to hide imperfections. Hidden in Him, you are perfect.

Hear The Lord—clearly with filtered ears.

Look upon His face, with filtered eyes.

With a filtered mind, come into the full knowledge of Who He is.

With your whole heart that has filtered out all hatefulness, unforgiveness, bitterness, maliciousness, and vindictiveness, and—seek Him.

For you are perfect. He has made you so.

You are perfect.

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