Demonic Disillusionment

I had a vision that I was at a concert of some sort. The atmosphere was thick with darkness. It was crowded with young people many as young as thirteen. There was an iron dragon that came out on the platform and positioned itself in the center of the stage.

The crowd was drawn to it and no one spoke a word. The teens were mesmerized. The dragon began to open it’s belly and out stepped a beautiful woman in chains. It appeared that she had been held captive for some time.

She was released from her chains and began to walk seductively down the platform. She was half dressed in enticing attire and began to dance provocatively as if to entice the children. The crowd was spellbound and the alluring was so strong, even I had a difficult time turning away.

As she continued to perform, the dragon closed it’s belly and flew off into the darkness leaving her there to manipulate and seduce the crowd. Thick dark clouds began to form rapidly as this dragon entered above them.

I could tell that there was a war going on above clouds as I could see fire from it’s mouth break through them. I could make out bat-like winged, eagle-like winged, and white stark-like winged spiritual beings between breaks in the clouds. There was a sounds of swords clashing and horrifying sounds, but no one seemed to notice as they couldn’t turn away from the seductress on stage.

She began to transform into a demon, but none of the teenagers seemed to notice that either. The reason I came up with was probably because she had already had them under mind control and had trapped them.

But, I urge you, parents—please take the headphones out of your children’s ears and hear for yourself what they are listening to. Music changes the atmosphere so why not your child? Lyrics can be spells and rhythmic combinations of sounds can put you in trances.

In 1 Samuel 16:23, king Saul was being tormented by a demon and David played music and the evil spirit left him. If music can be played to drive out demons, why deny the fact that music can be played allowing them to enter?

This vision was a warning and I’m sharing this with you so you can take action against the wiles of the devil because he is relentless and hellbent on destroying mankind. If he gains control over our seeds at such a tender age in their maturing, than it’ll be easier for him to ruin their lives.

I pray God covers you as you pray for them. Ask God to encamp His angels around them and that He cause a displeasure in them for demonic lyrics and the spirit of seduction. We’re at war. May God bless you and keep you—always.

4 thoughts on “Demonic Disillusionment

  1. Sounds like a certain artist who shall remain nameless (and not only her), but from what I understand, her last performance had all manner of idolatrous inferences. When I saw the picture of her, all I could think was Babylon the great.

    In terms of music, Lucifer was music – it emanated from his being, so why do people foolishly believe there is no harm in secular music? It is part of the air – he is the prince of the air – the airwaves, television, internet.

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