Women Of Worship

I will be praised, because I am a woman that fears The Lord;
and, with praise, I will thank The Lord I fear.
I will not fear my enemies; not even—the enemy.

I will not fear storms, trials, or assaults that come up against me daily.
The Lord, is my Refuge.
He is my Avenger; my Protector and Provider.
All of my trust is in Him.

Indeed, my Redeemer is my Savior.
He covers me in His blood; showers me with His mercy, and has submerged me in His grace.
He put His Spirit in me, that moves me to follow His decrees.
He has written His commands on my heart, to obey.

His Word is in me and It’s all I know.
Only wise words leave my mouth; with kindness in the tone of my voice.

I’m submissive to the authority over me; to be a blessing to them all.
I am a woman of God, with morals and standards.
I wear strength and dignity; and, I will never take them off.
I live my life strong and courageous; a walking testimony.

Women, like me, who are lovers of God, love others, and respect themselves.
We are more precious than rubies; loving and humble; capable and victorious; supporting helpers.
Given as a gift, from God, to man.

We are princesses and heirs;
Daughters of The King.
Women warriors of prayer,
We are the women who exalts His holy name.

“Women of Worship”

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