Beautiful Dark ~Somber Sinking~

“When an evil spirit leaves a person, it goes into the desert, searching for rest. But when it finds none, it says, ‘I will return to the person I came from.’ Then the spirit finds seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they all enter the person and live there. And so that person is worse off than before.”  –Luke 11:24; 11:26 (NLT)

A stream of steamy hot water spilled over onto the floor as a bare dark-skinned damsel descended below.
Bubbles raced to the surface of the water in a seventy inch long, forty inch wide, and twenty inch deep cast iron freestanding vintage style bathtub that was chosen as first choice in a possible aquatic death.
The rushing bubbles were from the beautiful dark woman who had freely exhaled to release the oxygen from her chest, in an attempt to surrender—giving in completely to the invading floodwater that surrounded her.
An acoustic sound of running water echoed loudly underneath, drowning out her dark and endless thoughts—thoughts she’d do anything to forget, but for only a moment to regain the clarity and sanity she once had before.
The dark beauty was desperately praying for unconsciousness as she willingly yielded to a watery grave.
She was tired of being weighed down with disgrace—in disgust because the beauty was disrupted beyond disbelief, disturbed in her own despair and defeat.
The beautiful dark woman was discontent, disheartened, and deeply disappointed, and all she wanted in this darkest moment of all her days was to put an end to her dysfunction.
Her eyes fluttered in the deep as a distorted, but familiar, dark figure above her came into distinctness.
When the dark distorted demon realized she clearly recognized him, he flashed her a wicked grin.
Her eyes became ping-pong balls as his face became even clearer, causing her heart to sank into the pit of her stomach.
“Do you really believe this will work, stupid girl? You can’t drown yourself in an old bathtub this way—especially alone. Now, Monica, if you’d like, it would be an honor to do you the favor of holding you down under until you stop kicking.”
She gasped jumping to her feet as blood drew away from the surface of her skin, giving her naked flesh a grayish hue.
She quickly yanked a decorative floral towel from its hanging place near her in a quick attempt to cover herself.
Responding with chattering teeth and a shaky voice, she said, “What are you doing here, Erebus? Letitia ostracized you. You can’t be here.”
“Yeah, about that—I was here first. Are you and I back to being aloof? Drop that towel, Monica. It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before,” he reminded her with grim hilarity.
“Since when have you ever called me by my real name, anyway? I thought you hated it. Call me by the name you gave me because of the feeling you get whenever my presence is near. I really miss hearing you say it.”
“E-e-rie,” Monica reluctantly responded with tear-filled eyes and choppy speech.
“Why are you here, Eerie? How are you even here right now? You’re not even supposed to be here.”
“But, I am here, my dearest dark damsel. I came back to be with you—my only love. Where is Letitia now, dark child? Did you think her weak and pathetic prayers would drive me away forever? How naïve,” he teased.
“She rejected you didn’t she? Rather insipid, Monica—you should’ve seen that coming.”
“And, you’re any better, Eerie? You don’t love me. You don’t really care about me. You lied to me and Letitia said—.”
“Letitia said what?” Erebus angrily interrupted, “What did she say, dark and lovely, that demonic spirits are incapable of love? Surely, you don’t believe every single word that comes out of that Jesus freak’s mouth, do you? I do love you and that’ll never cease from being so because you, my darkest sweet, Monica—belong to me.”
Monica’s bottom lip quivered as tears flowed freely down her dark flushed cheeks and drenched her face.
She whimpered and slid back down into the steaming hot bathwater as a spirit of suicide continued to tempt her, a spirit of fear shook her to her core, a spirit of despair swept over her, a spirit of sickness spread inside, a spirit of anger provoked her, a spirit of confusion clouded her mind, and a spirit of hopelessness invaded her heart.
Erebus, whose name means, deep darkness—a spirit of darkness, went back into his previous resting place to reside once again within the beautiful dark—Monica Dupree.
Bringing her knees up to her bare breast, she wrapped her arms around her legs and lowered her head on them.
Her entire body shook out of control as she sunk back into a well-known weariness of worthlessness.
Erebus cackled loudly and it echoed throughout Monica’s bathroom, poured over into the hallway and then down the stairwell invading every room throughout the entire two thousand square foot wood-frame white house with a wraparound porch.


Excerpt from “Beautiful Dark”  Copy righted material ©2017 Talisha Walton 

Thanks for reading my prologue to Beautiful Dark. I hope it blessed you and I pray that you remain blessed.

Direct link to author’s page can be found below.

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