Writer’s Poem: Red Moon

I am like the moon and You are like the sun.

Every day I hide myself in Your marvelous light.

In my darkest hour, You shine still, as I reflect You; illuminating Your gracious incandescence upon a dark world.

Do You see, God?

I am nothing without You, and because I possess no light of my own, You are my Source.

Every day given, You must increase and I, decrease.

Trying to put myself before You only cast dark shadows and yet, in all my faults Your glorious grace eclipses me.

When all of my flaws are exposed in my fullness and I’m completely surrounded by the deep, in the midst of that darkness, it’ll be Your blood stains everyone’ll see that completely covers me.


You’ve just read an excerpt taken from, “The Writeous Series.” I hope it blessed you. Thanks for reading.

Copy righted material ©2016 Talisha Walton  (Writeousness: Tia’s Pursuit)

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