Fully Psalmitted ~A Poem of Psalm~

Lord, am I not the apple of Your eye—who You have hidden under the shadow of Your wings? (17:8)
In righteousness, are not Your eyes on me, and Your ears attentive to my cry concerning all things? (34:15)
You are My God, and apart from You, I haven’t a thing. (16:2)
You take no pleasure in my offerings, so to You, I won’t bring. (51:16)
You, God, are my God, and earnestly I seek You;
My whole being longs and thirst for You in a dry and parched land where no water runs through. (63:1)
I call on You when I am in distress because I know that You will answer me; (86:7)
Now, hear my prayer, oh God, and listen to my cry for mercy. (86:6)
Commend my written words, Lord—take my lamentation into consideration. (5:1)
Please receive my approach to prayer, Lord—give a listening ear to my supplication. (6:9)
It is my heart, God that has compelled me to seek Your face. (27:8)
Do not hide it from me in my time of trouble, and leave me displaced. (69:17)
Don’t allow the floodwaters to engulf me, its depths consume me, or the pit, leave me in torment. (69:15)
But, quiet this storm to a whisper, so that the waves of my emotions lie dormant. (107:29)
My heart is broken, Lord, and I need You to help me. (109:22)
You are my only help, so be merciful and respond to my plea. (30:10)
For, I know that I have sinned against You, the only God Who is true;
But, for the sake of Your name, Lord, forgive me, and make me brand new. (25:11)
For You, God, are forgiving and good, abounding in mercy to those who call upon You; (86:5)
Your righteousness is everlasting, and indeed, Your law is true. (119:142)
Teach me, Lord to rely on Your faithfulness, and give me an undivided heart that fears Your holy name. (86:11)
For, You alone are God. You’re marvelous in Your deeds and Your greatness— just the same. (86:10)
With all of my heart I call out for You, God—please, my Lord, answer me;
I make a vow to fully submit to Your purpose, and I will also obey Your every decree. (119:145)
Indeed, I will praise You with my whole heart, my Lord and my God, making every endeavor;
To bring glory to Your name always—from now, until forever. (86:12)

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