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Writeousness: Tia’s Pursuit “The Writeous Series” (Book 1)
Letitia Shriver, a.k.a., “Tia,” is a seer, but doesn’t know it yet. Neither does she know her best friend, Erelah Inara, is an angel sent by God to help her overcome difficulties, and break strongholds in her life for a higher purpose. She won’t be able to discern Erelah’s origin until she admits that God is, and submits to His perfect will.

Damaged in every way imaginable and haunted by her past, Tia has more than a few character flaws. She suppresses her emotions to avoid the pain that’s so invasively attached to them, and to keep from dealing with any issues involved in confronting them. Tia has successfully evaded them all—except one; she can’t elude anger, and it consumes her.

Childhood friend, Adrian Grant has been in love with Tia since the very first moment he laid eyes on her, but because of her emotional detachment, she struggles to love him back. Despite that, he hopes to marry her someday, but it’s going to take a man with a significant amount of patience to wait on Tia to change. Unfortunately, sometimes even the unusually patient ones eventually grow impatient, and she could be at risk of losing him forever.

Tia has reached her breaking point and desperately wants change. When she discovers through an encounter with God, that the change she so desperately needs is righteousness, and only He can provide it, Tia begins a pursuit through eloquent writings. The Lord commends, and through a series of dreams and visions He begins to transform Tia’s entire life from the inside out. She will no longer be able to suppress her emotions as God reveals the truth about her past, how it has affected her in the present, and how it threatens to ruin her future.

Confronting the underlying issues behind her anger and exposing the root of her pain, may be too much for Tia to endure, but the more she resists, the more the Lord will insist. If she can find the strength to withstand, trust God’s leading, and believe Him, she will find the righteousness she is so fervently pursuing, because it will be accounted to her.


Psalmissiveness: Tia’s Purpose “The Writeous Series” (Book 2)
Letitia Shriver, a.k.a., “Tia,” is starting to walk boldly in her newly found purpose after obtaining the righteousness she’s always wanted by a relentless pursuit through eloquent writings to God, but being completely committed and staying fully submitted to His perfect will, has become harder than she’d ever expected. After being faced with one opposition after another, Tia attempts to make every endeavor to continue adapting to her new way of living.

She desperately misses her close relationship with her best friend and ministering angel, Erelah Inara as she has stepped behind the scenes allowing Tia to learn how to interact better with others and create new friendships, but trouble starts spewing in paradise with childhood friend and “soon to be” husband, Adrian Grant. Friendships are hard to create when gossip begins to spread around the college campus that Tia is doing a little more than just tutoring a handsome junior, and poor Adrian comes face to face with many uncertainties. Problems with her college roommate will be the biggest challenge of them all though, as she learns what it really means to live above reproach.

On top of all that, Tia has started seeing, more than she’s ever wanted to before in the spirit and having the gift of “Discerning of spirits,” has made her a constant target for evil in the spirit realm, in which she begins to struggle consistently and endlessly on her walk with God. When The Lord reveals to her in a dream that she is slowly drifting back into some of her old self and a few of her old ways of thinking, Tia takes immediate action to continue on the righteous path laid out for her, holding steadfast to her purpose to remain in full submission to God by using what she does best—writing.

Reinventing a whole new approach through eloquent writings, Tia starts using the book of Psalms to write in a poetic way. Eventually she begins again—submitting wholeheartedly to her purpose. The Lord commends and responds this time by introducing a whole new level of spiritual gifting, but with these new gifts come a whole new level of responsibility. However, the concern is whether or not she’s equipped to engage in this new level of spiritual warfare and withstand as new difficulties arise and new friendships are embraced. If she proves to be capable of handling it in the midst of all her circumstances and find balance, the complete fulfillment of Tia’s purpose will be inevitable.

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