Just Like Them ~The Memorable-Biblical Woman~

I am a woman delivered from darkness, just like Mary Magdalene.

I was given a second chance at a new beginning and redeemed from my past, just like Rahab.

May I forever have unwavering faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ, just like Martha.

I long for the day I can lay at His feet, just like her sister, Mary.

I will forever remain hopeful in the midst of my uncertainties, just like Sarah.

I will forever remain loyal to my family—my loved ones, and be absolutely devoted to God, just like Ruth.

I will always be a lady, blessed with feminine grace, just like Hannah.

I possess unimaginable courage and I will fight for what is right even if it kills me, just like Esther.

I am a faithful witness of God, just like Anna.

I am obedient—a worshipper at heart, with a heart of hospitality, just like Lydia.

I am a vessel of Truth, allowing my God to speak through me into the hearts of many, just like Abigail.

Long after I am gone I will be remembered as a Godly woman, your sister, His daughter, a maid servant of the Lord and His church, just like Phoebe.

Indeed, I am just like them because I am them—“The Memorable-Biblical Woman”

I will be remembered among them…

For, my story is undoubtably written by Him—“Just Like Them.”


Copy righted material ©2017 Talisha Walton

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