Psalmthing More ~A Poem of Psalm~

Praise be to You, God because You have not rejected my prayers are withheld Your love from me. (66:20)
With You—is the fountain of life, and in Your light, I see. (36:9)
There are so many wonderful things You have planned for me and to You, none can compare;
If I were to speak and tell about Your goodness towards me, it would be too much to declare. (40:5)
You have changed the plans I had for my life to the purpose in which You have created me. (33:10)
There’s something more to Your goodness and in the land of the living, I remain confident of this—that I shall see. (27:13)
You uphold me because of my righteousness, and have broken the power of wickedness from over me; (37:17)
And, many more like me will know Your righteousness, and Your love will continue to be. (36:10)
You save me from my enemies when I call upon You and You’re worthy of all praise. (18:3)
In my humility, You guide me to do what is right, and have taught me to walk in Your ways. (25:9)
Before You formed me, all the days You’ve ordained for me were written in Your book before any one of them ever came. (139:16)
I will forever praise You in the assembly; And to all, I will declare Your holy name. (22:22)
Everyone sees Your glory, and your righteousness, the heavens proclaim. (97:6)
Your years will never end, and you will forever remain the same. (102:27)
You give me all the desires of my heart and make all of my plans succeed. (20:4)
You rescue me from those who pursue me, when I cry out to You in desperate need. (142:6)
You have thoroughly searched me, therefore the only One Who fully knows me, is You. (139:1)
It was You Who formed my heart, God, and Who considers every single thing I do. (33:15)
I call out to You and You answer me from Your dwelling place. (3:4)
When I lay down, I will rise again because You keep me in Your embrace. (3:5)
I depend on You because You are my rock and my hiding place. (62:7)
For You, Lord, are righteous, and in my righteousness, shall I see Your face. (11:7)

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