No Regrets ~Sins Of The Past~

Someone anonymously inboxed me claiming they knew a secret concerning me that’s in regards to a betrayal that happened in my past. They went on explaining in an attempt to shed light on this betrayal—a wrong done to me by a close friend. Another message said, “I remember who you used to be, no one changes this much, and you ain’t fooling no one.” They claimed that they know the real me, a leopard can’t change it’s spots, anymore than a crumbled piece of paper, can be completely straight again.

Anyway, I know for certain that this is a lie. There’s nothing too hard for God. When Christ returns, He’s doing so for a church without spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:27). However, you can forget about the old horrible things you’ve done and the evil acts done against you. You’re saved by the God Who makes all things new.

Here’s the thing…
When the enemy wishes to attack us or distract us, it’s more so than less that he does so with issues we had, struggles, afflictions, mistakes, and wrongdoing done to us or by us in our past. He does this because he doesn’t know our future and he’s terrified—threatened by what he sees us accomplishing and overcoming victoriously, I may add, in our present. This is my issue, presently. I am so irritated about this and I plan to expose the darkness with the purest of light.

Apparently, this particular person had been watching me all this time and evidently, they loathe me and have so for awhile.
Imagine that…
Here I am, living my life and loving it then someone else sees me and hates me for it. Could it be because I’m where they wish they were? Perhaps!

They’re hanging on to everything I’ve let go of. How petty? It’s an outrageous shame to hold on to the past and it’s so much worse to hold on to one that isn’t even yours. “My past is so far behind me. If I’m not back there than why are you?” I asked them.

Then, I asked them: “Why are you cloaked? Unveil yourself, Petty One. Only satan and his dominions do their evil deeds in the dark. Stop being secretive, you sneaky, spineless, and conniving devil. You’re shooting fiery darts at me for your daddy, satan. Go live your own life and stop living the life that was once mine and mine alone.”

What a coward this one, opening a fictitious account to be malicious on the account of others (indeed, pun intended). If you’re gonna do something hateful, such as this, behold, and be bold in your approach. There’s no sense in hiding behind a bogus name and profile. I take it then that they’re ashamed of their evil act.

In conclusion, though…
There’ll always be someone out there that’ll be waiting for you to slip and fall from grace. When they see that you haven’t, they will attempt to provoke you so they can say, “I told ya so. I knew the old you would come out. soon or later.” They may even say, “He/she haven’t changed.” Expect them to even say all of this behind your back.

Keep living above reproach and don’t grow weary in doing good. You didn’t change for them—you changed for Him.

Be encouraged and remain blessed, child of The Most High.

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