Unabated ~Beckoned Calling~

He said, ‘Listen to My words: When there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, reveal Myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.’ “
–Numbers 12:6 (NIV)


A young and carefree spirit was lying supine on the floor in her bedroom the night she heard a voice whisper her name.
Her eyes were closed with her arms and legs stretched out, as far as they could reach out, when she heard her name whispered a second time.
The clairvoyant soul had been meditating—imagining she was floating freely in fresh water as the current moved her ever so gently, when her name was whispered for a third time.
She was totally unaware that a different kind of current was about to move her in a way she’d never experienced before, in a way she’d never forget.
No longer imagining, she began floating freely in fresh air as the current moved her ever so greatly, and then her name was whispered a fourth time.
A mighty wind it was, that invaded every single inch of her entire being.
The charismatic empathic one had never felt anything like it before.
It was totally immense and incredibly intense for her.
An igniting of a fire so great inside was the result in her heart that abruptly began to burn within like an everlasting flame.
Every element, she felt—every cell in her body, she was made aware of.
The awareness of life in the blood flowing through her veins became completely known to her.
Desirée Baptiste had awakened in The Spirit.
Her name was spoken a fifth time, so softly whispered, causing her to pleasingly smile before responding in a beautiful sweet pleasant voice, “yes, Lord?”
Indeed, whether or not she was dreaming or awake, really didn’t matter because The Lord’s will-instructed message was about to become undeniably and clearly received by her.
She smiled as The Lord, her God, began to speak, and she carefully held on to His every word.
“My beautiful and precious daughter, Desirée Baptiste—I knew you before I founded creation. When you were in your mother’s womb, I, your God, knew you and had already chosen you for such a time as this. I have given you an understanding heart. With the Gift of Mercy, I’ve equipped you to be a burden bearer for others,” The Lord revealed.
“I chose you to be an empathic and prophetic intercessor purposed to intercede on behalf of many. You shall feel what they’re feeling as though their emotions are your very own which will enable you to effectively and efficiently pray for them,” He continued.
“It is I, The Lord, Who has instilled in you this gift—an ability that’s rare, to read and reach others on a spiritual level that is emotionally tangible.”
Desirée raised up into a seated position and began to wonder then asked, “How can this be Lord?”
“As My Spirit enables, a burden will befall you and you shall know how, when, and what to pray for until their burden is lifted from upon your shoulders. As you are called, you are also equipped,” the Lord revealed even further.
“You are, indeed, a prophetess, Desirée Baptiste. You are My prophet in which I’ve set apart to do My will and follow My ways. I’ve called you to be My mouthpiece of truth to warn My people of imminent danger of things to come.”
He finally concluded, “I— The Lord, your God, have spoken.”
Desirée got up and knelt down before God and simpered so sweetly as she submitted fully to The Lord’s will.
“I declare this day that I am Your servant, Lord. May it be for me exactly as You have spoken,” she pleasantly replied.
At once, The Holy Spirit fell upon the prophetess and she began speaking in an unknown tongue.
A revelation was revealed in that moment that has been with her every moment since, and God’s Spirit remains and reminds her of His presence within, at all times.
The intuitive one, who goes by the name, “Ré,” feels God’s presence, and she is completely aware that He’s forever with her.
He’s all around, completely surrounds, and His presence is euphoric to her.
It’s like the feeling you get when you hear an emotional, yet, incredibly amazing song for the first time or a moving life-changing testimony that sends a chill up and down your spine and raises the tiny fine hairs all over your body.
That’s what it feels like for her, in every single way, and she feels this way every single day.
It’s unending, but she doesn’t mind.
No matter what happens in her life, Desirée Baptiste will not deny The Lord access to any part of her being.
The Lord, God, chose her and He knows her.
She is His and He is hers, and Desirée refuses to give up therefore she will forever remain devoted.
This young empathic princess is The Lord’s prophetess and she is relentless in her servitude.
“Unabated” is how she chooses to live her life, for her God.
He is her Lord and Savior—Jesus Christ.

And, this is her story…


Excerpt from “Unabated”  Copy righted material ©2018 Talisha Walton 

Thanks for reading my prologue to Unabated. I hope it blessed you and I pray that you remain blessed.

The novel will be released this summer.


Direct link to author’s page can be found below:


7 thoughts on “Unabated ~Beckoned Calling~

  1. Yes and like them I wondered at one time was I truly walking in my calling but when God calls you he qualifies you and equips you with the tools you need. Thanks for the eye opener the other day it’s amazing that we are worlds apart but God gives his confirmation through ones you’ve never met.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it does, right?😃 and that’s the picture that I always try to paint, in words, through my writings. Their are so many people who often wonder how the gifts of the Spirit functions in our daily life, I write about it based on what I see in the spirit realm. Angels and demons, as well, a firsthand look into the workings of guardian angels and how they engage in spiritual warfare—those who have charge over us and fight inconceivable battles on our behalf that we don’t think twice about. We work in our calling as we carry on our day with earthly matters. When God calls us an angel is released to minister, guide, and protect as we trust in the Father and The Holy Spirit’s leading as we follow Christ. Jeremiah and Samuel called to be prophets of the Lord, walked in it. You and I, as well as many others who are called, walk in it, also.

      Liked by 1 person

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