Impending Storm ~Warning Dream~

I had a dream I was driving down a long narrow road. In the distance I could see a tornado approaching. It startled me and caused me to veer off the road. I gained control of the car, but knew I had to make it home before the tornado hit. I made it to the house and searched for a hiding place. I told my family about the storm that was on its way and heading straight towards us. They joined me and we searched frantically for a place to hide. We hid in a closet located in the center of the house away from all the windows and doors, while never letting go of each other’s hand. I knew when the impact would occur and I told them all to brace themselves for it.

The tornado hit the house so hard that it shook the foundation apart, but didn’t destroy it. Suddenly, to my surprise another one hit, but we barely even noticed it. Several thunderstorms followed, but somehow I knew that as long as we stayed inside of the house, we’d be safe. My family and I began carrying on as usual with our normal household duties. I wondered what was going on outside because everything was so calm, silent, and peaceful inside. I pulled the curtains back and peeped out the window, and I discovered we had been swept up by the second tornado. We had no idea because what was going on inside our home wasn’t reflecting the chaos going on outside of it.


I didn’t have to wreck my brain to interpret what this dream means. It’s clearly a warning dream from The Lord. God’s loving, nurturing, and protective nature towards His children is mind boggling to me. To think—He’d go so far as to warn me of impending danger, that is sure to come, so that I may prepare myself and take cover for impact. He’s clearly telling me to remain inside of the covering that He has already provided, and if I remain inside, I’ll survive. All I have to do is continue dwelling within His perfect will and I‘ll be protected. Not only me, but my entire household, as well.

Being completely inform with this revelation, I will not pray that this storm won’t come, but instead I will pray that the Lord, my God, will give me the strength to endure it.

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