Dear Anxiety ~A Poem~

I am severing your rule over me;

And, I no longer want to be with you.

You’re the one who’s afraid to just let me be;

No longer will you get the chance to tell me what to do.

You force me to cancel my plans and push all of my loved ones away;

You keep me restless all night and on edge all day.

For years, you’ve been the only company my misery loves;

But, I gave my misery away, to my new Love—above.

You constantly devastate me when things don’t go as plan;

It’s you who gets depressed and distress me when things get out of hand.

I’m no longer going to worry about things I can’t change, anymore;

It’s not worth stressing about, so I’m closing that door.

No longer will you force me to stay in my comfort zone;

You won’t even let me answer my phone.

You’re the one who’s afraid that trying new things always go wrong;

You’re scared I’ll be happy without you—out there on my own.

You make me afraid of what others may say;

So, you force me to drive them away.

You’re so terrified to be alone;

So, you cling to me, and convince me we should stay home.

You whisper in my ear that I am mentally sick in someway;

So, I rest with you awhile to feel better, but you trick me into staying in bed all day.

You force me to call our job and tell them we can’t go;

I think you’re just afraid of what every new day may bring—I guess, for sure, we’ll never know.

You tell me we’re not good enough—that we shouldn’t take risks and it makes me obsess;

You keep repeating over and over again our creativity is never noticed, and then convince me we didn’t try our best.

You’re overwhelmed and it causes me to over do;

You’re overly concerned and it makes me overwork so you won’t be afraid we can’t get through.

You’re driving me insane with your constant worrying and I’m so sick of you.

It’s time for you to leave; it’s long overdue.

I can no longer stand to look at you;

From this day forward, we’re through.


Dear Anxiety,

I will no longer be your fool;

I’m severing your rule.

I must break free to start anew;

It’s not me—it’s you.


Copy righted material ©2018 Talisha Walton 


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