Psalmtimes It Hurts ~A Poem Of Psalms~


This Lord, about me—is indeed true;
I despise the evil person, but honor the one who fears You.
I keep my promises to those I’ve made them to, even if it hurts;
I will not change my mind and go back on my word; I will not divert. (15:4)

Bring dishonor, shame, and confusion to those who seek after the living or plot to hurt. (35:4)

For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve known that the righteous, You will never desert. (37:25)

It’s because of my comfort in my suffering this strife;
That all of Your promises shall preserve my life. (119:50)

For, You have given me hope by remembering what You told me (119:49)

All of my enemies will be overwhelmed with anguish; ashamed is what they’ll be.
I was distressed, weak and full of grief, Lord and You was merciful to save me. (31:9)

My justification come from You; what is right, Your eyes will see. (17:2)

Where can I hide from Your Spirit? From Your presence, I can’t flee. (139:7)

In all of my affliction and pain—Your salvation, God, has protected me. (69:29)

Praise be to You, God, my Lord and Savior Who took my burdens to bear. (68:19)

You have made me blameless; my inheritance will endure always—spending all of my days in care. (37:18)

I cast my worries on You, Lord and You sustain me, and I shall not be shaken. (55:22)

For those who seek You, trusts in You, and know Your name—You, Lord have never forsaken. (9:10)


A poem from, “The Writeous Series.” Thanks for reading, I hope it blessed you.
(This excerpt is from, “Psalmissiveness: Tia’s Purpose;” Book two of The Writeous Series)

Copyright © 2018 Talisha Walton


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