Many Will Doubt Your Calling, Just Like They Doubt You

Have you ever been excited about a revelation you’ve received from God, regarding your purpose and the moment you share the great news with certain people in your life, they have the audacity to attempt to steal your joy? If you have a dream, be it best to keep it to yourself until it’s fulfilled because sharing it with any-ole-body could turn your dreams into nightmares. I get so very vexed with dream crushers, but what I’ve realized about them is this: they won’t believe in the vision God showed you because it will alter or even eliminate, altogether, what they’ve envisioned for you.

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” – Matthew 7:6

I found this out the hard way when I announced for the first time that I’m writing a book. For fear of my idea being rejected, I kept it to myself for weeks. I tried bargaining with God to allow me to do something else instead, pleading even. I should’ve kept it inside the confines of my house and inner circle until it was done. Good thing I’m not easily persuaded to give up. The people I wanted most to accept it, didn’t and the ones that did, doubted, absolutely certain that I’d start, but wouldn’t finish it.

Considering my disgraceful upbringing, the distasteful situations I’d find myself in that were totally out of my control, the terrible experiences I’d endured for the amusement of others, it would’ve been naïve of me to believe that even 1 out of 10 would be excited for me because in the eyes of many, I should’ve became a product of my unruly environment, a victim of my own unfortunate circumstances. Indeed, way too many who personally knew me and grew up with me, truly believed I was destined for failure.

How could you honestly believe that they would believe in the purpose God has for you to do, if they don’t even believe in you?

Distant relatives got together once and thought it would be a terrific idea to give it to me straight. They said to me—because I’m not, at all, book-smart, I’d always have to rely on the incredible amount of street-smarts I’ve obtained over the years, if I plan to survive and make a decent living in life. I was fifteen years old when I was told this, and this one damaging statement played a significant part in the resentment, bitterness, and anger I carried inside for the next fifteen years of my life.

In actuality, they were basically telling me that I’m dumb, and would have to rely on being manipulative, crafty, and tricky to earn a buck. Hustling, whoring, begging, cheating, stealing, and borrowing, would be my only means of getting by. Turns out though, to make a long story short, not only have I proven that I’m book-smart, but I’ve proven I’m smart enough to write a book. Well actually, in fact, make that five books. Now they’re worrying whether or not I’ll expose them and their agendas in one of my novels. Lol! There’s no need to worry, loved ones. I understand that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood…Far be it from me to put you to shame by uncovering your naked behind. Read my words, (pun intended): I only write fact-based fiction.

I tell you what I know for certain: It can, possibly, be almost impossible to change a mind that’s already made up about you. You can’t convince what’s obvious to anyone who’s, obviously, unconvinced themselves that God is capable of healing you from all of your infirmities and using everything you’ve been through, to push you into greatness. Indeed, you ARE called. God showed you the vision. It doesn’t even matter if they refuse to see that you’ve been called, and they’ll probably never call you up and admit that they were wrong about you.

The odds you’ve defied, the shortcomings you’ve overcame, all of the misconceptions, preconceived notions about who they thought you were, and who they thought you’d become, they didn’t think it was possible that God could still use you after they’d assumed you were all used up, but they were sadly mistaken. It was simply a mistake in identity because your identity is in Christ, therefore nothing is impossible for you.


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