Love Loves Me: A Testimony

This is an article, sharing my testimony, I wrote for “Christian Creative Nexus”. Please check it out. Subscribe to her blog, like, share, and be encouraged. Thanks and God bless.

Christian Creative Nexus

Love Loves Me:  A Testimony

by Talisha Walton

I confess, in all honesty, I’ve always had an intense desire in my heart to find true love. I wanted someone who’d truly love me—unconditioned. I coveted love from someone who’d accept me with all of my flaws, look pass all of the mistakes I’ve made, and love me anyway, exactly as I am. For years I sought to find this elusive love in others, especially men, but to no avail. I certainly found something else, though, and the result of that finding, left me a bad and bitter, broken-hearted mess. It didn’t take long for all of that bitterness and brokenness to become pure hatred and uncontrollable anger toward others. I even hated myself and had began to believe that I wasn’t worthy of having a love that is true because I wasn’t being true to loving myself. If I didn’t…

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