Holding It Together: Moment Of Transparency

There’s this unusual occurrence that takes place far off into the distance of the firmament. It tricks the eyes into believing it sees something spectacular, but things aren’t really as they seem. It’s only a mirage. This false perception is called a fata morgana.

I experienced this phenomenon once when my aunt Renita and I were on our way to a lake in Louisiana. I was only a teenager at the time, lying down in the back seat of her Camaro. The sky was a crystal blue and the reflection of that lake appeared horizontal on the horizon. I was struck by such a rare sight that wasn’t even real. It only appeared to be so. It’s more than what meets  the eye.

Imagine living a lifestyle that’s similar. People see you one way, and that’s how they expect you to remain. Things have changed in my life and in this changing, so have I. I’m fully aware that there’s a higher calling on my life. I’d be a fool to believe that the enemy hasn’t taken notice as he jumps at every opportunity to do whatever it takes to stop me from fulfilling it. At first, his attempts were simply to distract me. When that didn’t work, he proceeded on in full force to destroy me. The more he runs me down, the more I want to run. It’s exhausting and I’m tired.

My victory these days is simply getting out of bed in the morning and holding it together throughout the day without falling apart. Indeed, I’ve fallen down somehow and every time I try to get up, the earth quakes beneath me in an attempt to keep me down. However, I will get back up—as my God will help me.

Someone asked me awhile ago am I afraid of what could happen to me if my next choice led me outside of the will of God, in which I responded, “I’m not afraid, I’m terrified.” I’ve been wandering around in the dark. “It’s just a trick of the light,” is the lie that I’ve been telling myself. I can’t help but feel like if I let up, then I’ll only be setting myself up to be let down. I ask myself how did I get here, but what I know for certain is there’s a reason for everything. 

Who’s around to encourage the one who always does the encouraging? Aforementioned, in so many words, everything I’ve given out has caused me to want to give in. I’m holding on for dear life because although there’s a burning in my hurt, I still have a burning in my heart for God. Whether or not I leave or if I decide to stay, He’s gonna love me anyway. I know that He is for me and will never abandon me. I will depend on this promise until the world stops spinning.

4 thoughts on “Holding It Together: Moment Of Transparency

  1. I felt this post
    “Imagine living a lifestyle that’s similar. People see you one way, and that’s how they expect you to remain” This statement holds alot of weight.
    When you appear strong, I feel like people expect you to remain that way all times and the moment you show weakness, the people that looked up to you will no longer look at you as the same courageous person( but not all). One mistake holds more judgement than 5 five things that you can perfect.
    But anyway I believe strong people break down the hardest and they break down, no one is around.
    Sometimes the person that you helped rebuild when they was down, will be the same person to the destroy you when your back is turned.
    If this post is how you really feel
    Whatever you going through, stay strong keep your head up and take it one day at a time

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    1. Oh my goodness. Your comment holds a lot of weight too as this is so true and thank you for the encouragement. It is, indeed, needed. The ones who are the strongest are the ones who are under attack the longest and the hardest. Those who are weak the enemy can easily break them down but he have to put in overtime to even create a distraction to cause strong ones to turn our head towards him for a moment. May you remain blessed, friend. Thanks again


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