About Me

I am Talisha Walton—a Christian author who’s a creative writer at heart. I love creating pictures out of written words, so those who love reading are able to get a visual aspect that’s of their own imaginative perspective. My blog posts feature my poems, eloquent writings, dreams and visions, prophetic insight, encouragement, affirmations, spiritual tools, and completely random excerpts from my novels.

My purpose for creating this site is to fulfill a personal desire to connect with, not just my book readers, but others as well, to share a more in-depth view into my spiritual lifestyle and Christian journey—aside from my novels. I’m often spontaneously driven, spiritually speaking, so I tend to post on impulse and therefore won’t promise you a daily, weekly, or monthly blog. There’s no prediction for what or when I may post because I’m led by The Holy Spirit—my lifeline, and not a deadline.

I’m the author of, The Writeous Series—a two-part series that’s based on factual situations, events, and places as I believe, it takes a great storyteller to take the worst parts of their life and make them the best parts of their books. This is how you take, what was meant for evil, and use it good. The Writeous Series tells a story of a relentless pursuit for righteousness through eloquent letters written to God. My first book, Writeousness, and my second book, Psalmissiveness, tells a life-changing tale that edifying and truth-based, a depiction of how victory triumphs over defeat by turning. Beautiful Dark is my third novel—a spiritual warfare story that sheds light on how spiritual activity, in the spirit realm, plays out when we go through unimaginable difficulties in our life. My fourth novel, Unabated is story of love and devotion to God and His plan for our existence, despite trails and tribulations. These are the type of stories I want to be known for and remembered by, long after my journey in this life has ended. (For more information regarding my books, please check out the “Writeous Books” tab.)

I welcome you to join me so that we may journey together as iron sharpens iron. Feel free to engage and reach out to me. I greatly encourage you to give me feedback of any kind. If I can answer any questions for you regarding my blog or books, please feel free to contact me, directly. You can connect with me on social media @WriteousSeries on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy my blog posts, journal entries, prayers, poems, eloquent writings, prophetic words, dreams and visions, and other spiritual encounters. May God bless you, and keep you—forevermore.