About Me

I am Talisha—a creative writer at heart and through eloquent writings, I express myself. I’m the author of, “The Writeous Series.” It’s a two-part novel categorized as Christian Fiction. Yes, I do write fictional stories, but all of them are based on factual situations. My most recent published novel, “Beautiful Dark,” is a spiritual warfare story that sheds light on how spiritual activity, in the spirit realm, plays out when we go through the unimaginable difficulties in our lives.  When we pray and intercede for one another, through faith—in the name of Jesus Christ, our God moves heaven and hell to save us. These are the type of stories I want to be known by and remembered for. (For more information regarding my books, please check out the “Writeous Books” tab.)

My purpose for creating this site is to fulfill a desire to personally connect with, not just my readers, but others, as well, to share a more in depth look into my spiritual journey and lifestyle. I pray that by encouraging others through my poems and creative writings, also by sharing what I’m learning and discovering concerning my experiences, mistakes, and victories, it will help someone else who’s struggling in the same particular areas. My goal is to inspire hope for the uncertain, to display the inner workings of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual tools provided to stand against the adversary, his accusations, and the resistance we’re faced with daily. The more we learn how to operate in our spiritual gifts and anointing, the more we’ll grow spiritually and triumph over evil by evading the darkness with the purest of light.

You’re welcome to join me so that we may grow together. I will keep you informed about what’s going on with me through my blog posts and keep you updated on my new book releases. Engage and reach out to me. I greatly encourage you to give me feedback of any kind and, or if I can answer any questions for you regarding my blog or books, please feel free to contact me whenever. Connect with me on social media @WriteousSeries on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy my blog posts, journal entries, prayers, poems, eloquent writings, revelations, spiritual encounters, dreams and visions. May God bless you, and keep you—always.