All Writes Reserved

I am Miaand it is my right to write. I pray that my writeousness inspires you.

Visit my blog below for “Writes of Mia.”

Be blessed. 


Writing rights reserved for Tamia Denae Walton, Co-Author of “Unabated”.


(Direct link to her blog is

3 thoughts on “All Writes Reserved

  1. Hello Mia, my name is Bob, I had just heard of the phrase Rak Chazak Amats. I was looking it up when I came across your poem.
    I belong to Momentum Christian Church in Washington Twp. Michigan.
    On December 13 2018 we are having our monthly men’s cookout and I was asked to deliver the message.
    My message is about putting sin to death so we can do the work God intended for us and so not to be distracted. Then when we have put sin to death, we can be warriors. Rak Chazak Amats.
    With your permission may I use your poem to close out my message?
    Thank You and may our God continue to use you in a mighty WAY. The WAY!! Amen and Amen
    A brother in Christ Jesus , BOB

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